social-media-trainingFor most businesses today, success come through a mix of components, including policies and guidelines, communication, and clear strategies and training – which is a key component. Usually, a  robust training programme is needed to educate new users and enable those with an existing skill set.

With a collaborative effort, a common goal, and a set of focused training courses, organizations can empower these ambassadors to use social media effectively, build their own reputations, and promote the brand. Our Corporate Social Media Marketing team has been working hard to build a robust training programme for employees, contractors, executives, partners, and customers. And in the true spirit of collaboration, we work with subject matter experts (SMEs), global social media peers, fellow team members, and even a few guest speakers. Not only does this approach create a stronger shared investment across the company, but it also enables those interested in stretch goals, the opportunity to participate in a larger role.

Our training courses include: